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Extended Game Development Solutions

Playtecho is a full-service game development firm that can provide you with a variety of services. You can obtain assistance with android game development, iOS game development, unity game development, unreal game development, augmented reality game development, and other game creation services.

We deliver the highest quality game creation services for Android and iOS interfaces since we are equipped with the greatest tools, technology, and abilities. Our creators are experienced in a wide range of genres, from basic Hyper-casual games to augmented reality games.

Game Development Services We Offer


Mobile Game Development

Mobile games generate more than half of all video game revenue worldwide. Playtecho team provides exceptional full-cycle development services for ios & Android platforms. Our game designers and developers have a fair bit of hands-on experience in developing thrilling & entertaining mobile Game apps. We will walk you through the entire game development process.


AR Game Development

In the gaming sector, Augmented reality has enormous potential to offer revolutionary experiences. Playtecho creates interesting augmented reality games by bringing virtual stuff to the actual environment. For both gamers and businesses, this current development trend gives up new opportunities. Our developers are well-versed in cutting-edge technologies to create incredible augmented reality gaming experiences.


MR Games

MR (Mixed Reality) is a mixture of augmented reality and virtual reality.MR is a hybrid of augmented & virtual reality. Essentially, it combines the actual and virtual worlds. Through the eye-catchy design and creation of MR games, Playtecho pushes users to engage with offerings. Our MR game experts develop AR games, ubiquitous games, and location-based games with the same level of quality & gamer interactions.


Desktop Game

In the whole field of gaming apps & software, the desktop game is the most established business. Playtecho develops breathtaking 2D & 3D PC games with our mix of scalable architecture & networking servers. We create MMO games by utilizing exceptional skills & experience. We constantly improve our game development strengths to provide you unbeatable services.


VR Games

Virtual reality is a technology that transfers the digital world into the real world, let users to experience virtual reality via VR headsets & gear. We make realistic & exhilarating VR games that are real-time killers & become the next world-famous smash, virtual reality developers & enthusiasts! Playtecho makes it possible for players to experience anything in real life by developing VR for every popular platform.


Console Game Development

The console games industry is less crowded than the PC and mobile game markets, allowing video game ventures with lower marketing costs to succeed. Our game development team knows how to build visually appealing titles that sparkle on consoles, such as gameplay, racing games, and fighting games, to name a few. At Playtecho, we strive to create console games that give you exactly what you desire.

Offering Realistic Gaming Experience With Metaverse & NFTs

The applications of NFT technology in the gaming business are virtually limitless. Non-fungible tokens can represent all digital assets. People nowadays are willing to pay for a one-of-a-kind in-game skin that adds nothing to the metaverse games other than a distinctive look for the character. Consider the potential of exchanging resources, which provide additional in-game value and can also be viewed as a form of investment; as the interest in the metaverse games grows, the value of objects rises also. We at Playtecho develops digital assets like game characters, in-game items, skins, maps, and more.

Simplified Development Approach

We’ve iterated, innovated, and built a procedure that can be beneficial for all!


Our game development team assesses, analyses, uncovers and recommends a variety of options for you.


Before starting project, we create a blueprint. Developers will create a project strategy after learning your goals.


We establish frameworks & specify a network, database, and user interface layers to build a prototype on top of them.


We adopt an agile development technique to work directly with each customer to design applications that meet their needs.

Quality Assurance

We have skilled testers who undertake functional, integration, and performance testing on actual devices.


After your Game application has been fully developed, we'll deliver it and perform a final deployment.

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We are deeply committed to every project we do. This essential idea, together with our extensive expertise in game development, has enabled us to deliver dozens of successful titles for our clients from all over the world.

Unique approach

Game development is an art form, and each game has its own personality. We make sure that each project we work on is unique and adheres to the latest trends in their respective genres. You can be confident that your gaming software will stand out and be appreciated by millions of people throughout the globe.

Long-term collaboration

Playtecho cares about their client's success in the game industry. From the earliest minutes of our collaboration, we are proactive and operate in your best interests. Our staff spends time studying game concepts, mechanics, target demographic, visual style, and other factors to ensure that your title is financially successful.

Experience & expertise

From game designers and concept artists to tech leads and project managers, our team is made up of established gaming industry professionals. Both casual smartphone apps and AAA RPGs have been a part of our experience. Whether you need a basic browser social game or a complicated competitive RTS for PC, we know how to develop it well.


We’ve crafted projects that will stick in mind for a long-time. We always push the boundaries, inspire creativity, and make any thoughts and desires a reality.