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  • Categories: 38 categories in total, each with a word file containing over 100 words.

  • Casual Game Mode: Players can choose from three levels of difficulty.

  • AdMob and Unity Ads: Game can be setup to show Unity or AdMob banner, interstitial, and reward ads.

  • Progress Game Mode: Players can earn coins and keys by completing levels in each category.

  • Category Locking: The player can lock and unlock categories by using Coins, Keys, or an IAP purchase.

  • Highlight Word Hint: The highlight word hint, which highlights a random word on the board, can be purchased with coins.

  • Highlight Letter Hint: Players can spend coins to use the highlight letter hint, which highlights the location of a letter on the board (Chosen by the player).

  • Unity IAP: Players can remove ads or purchase coins on the in-game store.

  • Sounds: The game is set up to play background music and some sound effects, and sounds can be easily changed on the SoundManager.

  • Clean, formatted, and commented code.

  • Automatically saves active game state and loads it when the app restarts.

  • Designed for Android and iOS.

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