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We put everything we have into building world-class coding that will save you time and effort when it comes to getting your game to market. It’s time to put your coding skills to the side and focus on innovation and promotion. When it comes to brain training, the Sudoku game is always a hit with players, and it is regarded as one of the most engaging and well-liked games in the online puzzle gaming market. It also creates new business options for entrepreneurs. We’re here to assist you in creating your own Sudoku game source code so that you can earn rewards whenever you need!


Sudoku Puzzle Generator:

  • Valid Sudoku puzzles are generated (Puzzles with only one solution)

  • Make any size puzzles you like! 444, 666, 989, 1212, and so on.

  • Set the quantity of clues you want to appear on the final board.

  • Indicate which Sudoku tactics must be utilized and which should be avoided. 

  • This allows you to create puzzles of various levels of difficulty!

  • Set the number of puzzles to be created and saved in the folder.

Game Features:

  • Divided into 4 levels with 1200 generated problems at random.

  • A new random puzzle is generated when the user selects a difficulty

  • Undo: This feature allows the player to reverse earlier actions.

  • Erase: Removes numbers/notes from cells.

  • Notes: Place notes in cells blank cells.

  • Hints: Reveals the proper number in the selected cell.

  • The player for each difficulty can view statistics. 

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We have a fantastic group of excellent gaming developers who will have you in supply the standard source code as well as important modules required for the Game to function properly. We are aware of the current gaming demands in various countries, and we devise fresh and original ideas and apply them into our designs. Depending on the modification you perform, you may be able to start promoting your Sudoku game within a few days/weeks.

Benefits You Will Get:

  • Ready to use Source Code – Customize it according to your needs
  • Specialties – Easy to access unique features & Functionalities
  • Less time to Market – Ready-made app can reduce time to market
  • Support – 24*7 support for your gaming application, making it easy for you to resolve any bugs on your application.
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